Thursday, September 13, 2007

yes, working in a furniture gallery has turned me into an interior devotee. It has changed my preference of furniture as well. If u asked me three years ago, what kind of interior style that i like, i would say "minimalis", because obviously, it was the most common one at the time. My mum, whom is an excellent interior decorater opts more for a country style, or mediteranian perhaps. But, i was more of the minimalis - japanese zen style - kinda girl.

but my oh my, after working in a classic american furniture gallery, all i can say is "Minimalis sucks!!"

I mean, modern contemporary is great but no more minimalist style, please.

I dont deny that i love IKEA, we all love IKEA, but tell me now you, dont you hate how your book shelves and shoe racks change their shapes after they stayed at your place for 3 months. I had loads and loads of products from IKEA (and Freedom) back then in Perth. I used to love my furniture for their style and price. But they are plain. Well, i only realised that my taste was plain after I have learnt about the quality of solid wood, how they are processed, crafted and polished with paint and chemical and end up in a great piece of art.

Before i studied furniture and classic american style, i used to flip through VOGUE living magazine and went BLEEHH.. when looking at the castle and mansion of the dukes and barons and counts and earls yaaahhh u kno what i meant... those flowery patterned sofa, those antique looking coffee table and not-matching-yet-so-colourful carpet are so last century. But hey, now i'm a true believer. I love american classic, better yet the English charm. OF course those baroness and your highness style are marvelous but dont really suit my clumsy personality, so while searching for furniture for the new apartment, i'm opting for more classic contemporary with a little taste of eclectic. You like?

Anyhow, apart from furniture, i'm sending my greatest condolescene for the earthquake victims in Bengkulu and those who missed the great Debenhams sale.

Now that i am going to quit my job in 2 months, a great job offer comes my way. Thanks heaps for referring me, cozin! we'll eat, drink and be merry. I want to come wif you to SF, or with MCDreamy to Korea, of wif Ce'em and Cinkeh to Sydney. Haiyehhhhh why is that all of you taking vacation and leaving me alone here?

Monday, September 10, 2007

to rephrase in words

here comes the mood for writing, finally. I didn know how, for the past couple of weeks, somehow i think i lost my ability to create phrases and combine words. Yeh, not that i'm saying that i am capable of making good phrases, it is just that i really like writing phrases that do not have any meaning literally, but well, somehow it feels good making those phrases, you know?
Yeah, yeah, i used to think that i might have some indigo genes. Those DNA that takes you to wonderland, you know. But anyway, this morning, i found myself composing those phrases. And i am so happy because of it. I consider myself a little literate or cultured perhaps, if i talk in a language that does not make sense at all haha. May be, it's the effect of the third glass of caffeine that i zipped or perhaps because i hang out with an ill person (literally ill) for 5 days.
McDreamy hav been sick for 5 days. He got to cancel his trip to Korea (yay!) and stays at home. As a result to that, now i hav to be the one who travels to his place. Well, let me just say that the experience had made me realise how much he luvs me.. I mean, i just knew that a one way travel from kemang to kbn jeruk will take no less than 2 hours. That's just madness. I almost kill myself after being trapped in a two hours traffic, everyday in the past 5 days. Take note that i do not drive. I only sat on the passanger seat and complaining to my driver how the macet seems to be neverending. I am touched, knowing that my dear boyfriend, after a tiring day at work, would drive all the way to meet me for dinner, then drive me home then drive all the way back to his hour in far far away land, everyday. And he never displays a zombie face like i do. Being a snobbish person that i am (haha!) i always make sure that he knows what i had to endure to meet him. I always put on a tired face, a long sigh and making "the look" yeaaahhh point is, i m just trying to say that my boyfriend is a super nice person haha.
Apparently today he's still sick and i gotta go to his place again.. But that's okay wif me. McDreamy is a very sociable person. He enjoys being in a crowd, meeting up with friends and likes the company of other people. Since the first day i was dating him, he always takes me to meet up with other people. Lunch with his high school friends, dinner with his business associates, late night chit chat with his boss, and so on. Well, i dont mind that at all, but truth is i would like to spend time alone with him, as many tymes as possible. Now that he is sick and cant get out from the house, i'm the only one who can see him on a daily basis, yahhh and his parents of course. So, I'm happy :D
Huehh.. it's 5:30 already, tyme to clean up and go bak to loverville..
au revoir

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

choose right

It's good that I accidentally left my fone at home, thou i hav my cdma wif me, now that i have one day off from, well, talking allday long. Funny how snobbish some people could be when it comes to their cellphone. I carry my cdma wif me all the time, but never used it at all. Even when i talk and talk for hours all day, i cant be bothered to use the cdma, thou it would save me big bucks. Some people are aware that they spend a couple hundred thousand rupiah per day just on the fone, those cost will be fractioned only just by dialing the number thru their cdma. But I dont know why, i am one of those shallow and not so smart people, people are still reluctant to switch..
So, now that i dont have my fone wif me, i dont talk to anyone at all. Well, of course i talk to mcdreamy this morning, how could i get thru a day without talking to him? (nyeahnyeah) I dont know what would i do next week, when he is taking off to Korea for a week?! Anyone wants to catch up wif me afterwork?
Anyhow, i'd been thinking, about breaking up and moving on. The thought comes when i was browsing through friendster this morning (correction: all morning) I'd been browsing intensively the pages of my exes, mcdreamy's exes and .. okay now, dont raise your eyebrows on me, as if i'm the only kepo girfriend
on earth who has the urge to check out the boyfriend's exes, SECRETLY (haha!)
Well, for those who are as kepo as i am, you must have experienced the feeling of relief when you found out that all of your bf's exes are already "in a relationship" or better yet "married". Of course the bible teaches us that "love does not envy, covers all and conquers all" , but still, our fight agaist our flesh and ego is lightened up when you know some contenders have withdrawn from the frontline already. They are out off the whole picture, they have their new lives and you could stop assuming scenarios in your mind that (he might still have.. or she might still be..)
moreover, i also check out the pages of my exes.. hum.. well, where should i start? mcdreamy and I used to live in different world, he lives in the land of saints and i lived in the land of alligators, land of lacoste (haha!) So, it's predictable to say that his lovely, nice and Godly exes have all moved onto a new solid relationship, and most of my exes are well, they still live in their happy houses in the land of crocodile. (btw, take notes: never volunteer yourself to become a crocodile hunter, look what happen to steve irwin!!)
So yeah, point is, i just realised again, for the hundreth time, that time does really fly. It moves us from the end of the earth to another end of the earth. I remember where i was last year, September 2006, and now in September 2007, i have been in a totally different place than last year. my job, my house, the people whom i hang out with, even the way i think, the way i speak, my attitude changes a lot in a year. Something, or someone whom used to matter so much in my life, and whom i think would play a significant role for the rest of my life in a time span of a year, disappear. The person is no longer important at all to me is gone without a trace. I have never heard, or would like to hear or know anything about what is going on in that particular person's life as well. not that i hate or have bitterness or things like that, but it's just that, what's the point of keeping in touch with someone whose role has been replaced by someone else. Am i right?

How could it happen this way, i wonder? life is weird.

I dont regret my life, also i never want to swap place with anyone else, or doing my life differently if i had been given another chance, i think i love the way i do my life (including years of wandering around in the land of alligators.) But if i could advice my kids or any baby sisters, i would suggest them to save some kleenex and panadol. Do follow McDreamy's path. It's less rockier than mine and does not cause so much bleeding and pain.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

May Day May Day...

why is that, towards the end of the month, evryone suddenly turns cranky?

i was thinking, probably it's because the wallet in the back pocket is getting thinner towards the last days of the months, or the deadline of the month is approaching and there are still many workloads to do, or probably those who work in marketing are still wayss behind the target...

Yeah, i just noticed people arround me are not so smiley and energetic.. most of them are putting on papaya faces, somehow and somewhat disconnected and are so tense that their veins look like they are about to explode.

Well, honestly i'm not really a happy banana too myself. Probably it's the wether or the moon eclipse, or the fluctuations in the stock market, whatever. But yeah, in tymes like this, listening to Joel Osteen and Jose Carol turns out to be quite usefull. Their sermons do give your spirit a booster. Live your best life, today!

A little smiling does help to brighten a "hangin-low" day, so does a box of dark chocolate and lyche martini. anyhooww.. cheer up people, 2 and a half more day to endure, then it's September.

Saying goodbye to the month of Leo and Saying Hi to the month of Virgo... Ahh.. refering to my previous posting months ago... have i told you that my current bf is a LEO... He's a Leo and a Dragon.. Good Lord!

butt yeaahh... everything is still good and peachy keen.. wel'll be turning 2 months old in a week.. Does anyone ever do monthly anniversary celebration? or dinner perhaps? or getaway?? i wonder if babe wud like to go to Bandung again before leaving for Korea.. hummm///?!?!

Anyway, i've started going bakk into ministry.. if xenia reads this.. she'll said Hallelujah! i guess hihi.. finally got myself a boyfriend who will bring me back to God and straighten me up in the right path haha.. I wonder what that hot mama is doing.. cant wait til november.. to see all of them in PErth.. I was enquiring about the tickets all morning.. Bur.. is it still ok if i go at 1st of Nov? I'll stay longer afterwards thou.. may be we can go to melb or sydney together??

alrite thenn..

my pangsing goreng is coming.. i'm eatingg... and logging off now..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

holla from loverville

yes so i have 30 minutes to kill before going home,
friendster is on its schedule maintenance,
all magazines, books, and newspapers have been read twice if not 3 times
so well, here i am, blogging

why is that, now i have lost my appetite to write?
both, bulletin boards and blogs,
i used to think that i am addicted to writing things,
useless stuff.. haha

anyway, things are going great between mcDreamy and I
**see, i'm suffering the carrie bradshaw syndrome, again!
losing my individuality after transforming into a two-some.
Dont get me wrong, not that i'm losing my self.. my character and all that
It's just that, now i spend (almost) every hour by the hour wif McDreamy,
I rarely think as me, myself and I anymore...

It's always "we are going to this dinner", "we are going to meet up wif friends"
yes, yes, i am joining the proudly "we" club.

Y'all know that i have been trapped in a number long distance relationships before,
so, now that i got to live in the same city wif my beloveth,
I demand to see him everyday.
(poor McDreamy, as if Kbn Jeruk and Kemang are not far enough??)
yahh.. what can i say, two months is still an allowed honeymoon tyme, rite?

i olweis thought having relationship in indo will be sooo crispy
you could only see each other during weekend,
and there is nothing that you could do other than movie and dinner

If you live overseas, ofcourse being together 24/7 is super common,
well, im so happy to say that,
seeing each other everyday is still possible in jakarta
if there is a will, there is a way
but,, it's all good... seeing McDreamy's smiley face at the end of a tiring day is worth going thru a macet way
oh well,
gotta go now,
time's up..
waktunya pulanggg
waktunya pacarannn
thathaaa peoplee...

Monday, August 13, 2007

lost in translation

It has been a month since i last blogged, geez, i cant believe that i can live without blogging for a month..
that's how the saying goes, huh?

addiction cannot be stopped but replaced by a bigger addiction

yes, so my purpose of blogging today is to report the current affair from loverville haha..

McDreamy and I are very happy.. I've hoped to introduce him to all of my friends, my closest ones especially.
He has met all of my family members (yes including my sencimping cousins.. ) and he has witnessed how secimping they could be.. (but all i am saying is tat if he has not met the Queen Bee, the master of sencimping-ness, he hasnt seen nothing!!) So, leloy my dear, when will you leave SF huh?

and, as for my closest darlings in perth, i'll be there in november. so, wait for moi, yes?

McDreamy and Me have just come bakk from Bandung on Sunday evening,
He accompanied me to my Great Grandmother's funeral,
Thank Goodness that he came wif me, y'all know how boring an "acara tutup peti" of a "cina totok" family is?!
is like, the chai-ma doing some prayers and bakar2 hio here and there, and we were stucked there wif a plate full of kacang and sweets, we were tempted to bring playing cards and play capsah instead of listening to the cai-mah. But, eventually we did something better than that!! haha// McDreamy, yunkiee, fanny and me, we drove all the way to lembang and spent the whole afternoon swimming at SanGria.

Well, actually it was more of eating by the poolside and maen perang air rather than swimming, but we had a lot of fun.. i tink we blew our stomach by ordering too many food.. have i told you that i have gained probably 3 kg since i dated McDreamy (and he, himself has gained i tink 5-6 KG hahaha) At the end of the day, we were sitting at the jacuzzi, and saying "kita bukannya harusnya berduka cita dan berkabung yah???"

anyway.. promise dont tell my parents yah..

Friday, June 29, 2007

pink skies all over again

yes people, the mcdreamy addiction is still on. I'm so mezmerized by his charms and kindness, so fascinated by his intelligence and his unbelievably handsome face (hewl yeah!!)
huahhh.. ko Tuhan baek banget yahhh sama guaa.. not only that HE creates this beautiful, annointed, so close to perfection human being, HE also allows him to cross path wif me... sighhh....
So, dear friends, please accept my apology for turning down all of the invitations for lunch, dinner, coffee, movie, goodness me, i dont even say yes to a painting exebition and salon and midnight shopping spree di sensi . I am totally out off my mind. i know, i commit the cardinal sin of abandoning my friend for a hot, correction super hot, date.
I spend time wif him, all the time, from lunch to coffee, to dinner, to coffee again pokoknya tiap hari full on deh. And this is what i hate abt jakarta.. why the city is so big?? and macet?? why do people have to live far away from each other??? kalo di bandung it will only take you 20 mins to go from bandung utara to selatan. but yesterday we went all the way from kemang to pantai indah kapuk, it was like... D'oh!! forever!!!
but well, seperti mami papi bilangg... kalo lagi fall in lurrveee... even 3 hours in traffic feels like not long enough ahahhahaha... it was like, "We're home already?? Damn!" So yeahhh... by this time, i should have been calling all of my bestfriends to give them the detail of the detail of my mcdreamy obsession... i've told cha2, fely, tirzah, i even called buruts and christine. so, if i have not called you yet, stand by the fone. san, you'll get the details when we meet up nex wik yah.. and bob! if you want to kno, you call me, bro! poi, since i hardly meet you, tanya cha2 ajah deh... okay, who did i miss?? oww hot mama, you can ask tirzah if you are not buzy watching jerry springer hahaha.. anyway, please be happy for me, and please pray for me...